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    trash-a-thon-featured.jpgThe 8th grade graduating class of Monterey Bay Charter School, most of whom have been together since kindergarten, held a “Trash-A -Thon” on April 17 not only to raise money for their upcoming graduation trip, a five-day rafting venture on the Klamath River, but also “to help Pacific Grove,” in the words of Hannah, one of the students. As of 11:30 that morning, they had raised $986 and the proceeds were sure to go higher. The students said they were helped in great part by “Philly Billy” Clements who, when approached, not only donated $20 but took the litter pickers around to fellow merchants and raised $150 for them. In-kind gifts from other Pacific Grove merchants included a box of donuts, much appreciated by the hungry students, and some coupons. They were also handed a full bag of garbage and found a piece of cash iron which added to the weight of the total — 335 pounds by 11:30 a.m. The preponderance of trash, according to the students, was cigarette butts. Another interesting find was a dead bird. The students were assisted by their teacher, Ted Maehr, and Pacific Grove City Council Member Deborah Lindsay.  The class was also planning a car wash to help raise funds. Anyone wishing to donate — and please send money, not trash! — can send a check to MBCS 8th Grade, 1004 David Ave. #B in Pacific Grove.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 24, 2009

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