• Sentencing in Carmel home invasion robbery and elder abuse

    On February 2, 2016 two individuals pushed their way into the home of an elderly Carmel couple. Once inside, the still unidentified intruders demanded items of value as they made threats to the elderly couple and waved around a large knife.

    Andrew Karaman, age 21, of Salinas, was sentenced by Monterey County Superior Court Judge Carrie Panetta to four years in state prison for two counts of first degree robbery and one count of elder abuse. Both robbery convictions are considered strike offenses under California’s Three Strikes law.

    Karaman previously worked for the elderly couple’s son and targeted this couple due to a professional disagreement with their son. Karaman instigated the robbery with his two accomplices and acted as a getaway driver.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 28, 2016

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