As you are aware, we have had three incidents of threats being written on our bathroom stall walls either in the girls locker room or in a bathroom in our main hall. The first two threats were general in nature although an adult connected with the school was named. This adult is aware of being named. The first threat said, “imma shoot up this school just wait on it…my shooter, he already got a plan.” The threat made yesterday said, “bang bang like florida on #walkoutday.”

    We are still working diligently on this with PGPD and other law enforcement agencies and have continued interviewing girls who have used the bathroom with the threats written. If we are unable to find the culprit(s) quickly, I will cancel the Wednesday student walk out. In the meantime, we will continue to have added police and adult presence on campus. The police are releasing a media message with much of this same information today. Student and staff safety is clearly our number one priority.

    Additionally, I made the following announcement today to students:

    Dear Breaker Nation,

    As you probably have heard, over the past week we have had several threats written on bathroom walls. This has a lot of students, staff and parents upset and fearful. I would like you to know that we have been working very closely with the police and other law enforcement agencies on this case and will be doing everything we can to make sure PG High is as safe as we can make it. That is why you are seeing more police and other adults on campus lately.

    Please know that our counselors, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Paris, Mrs. Cadigan, and administrators, are always available to talk if you are feeling that you need someone to talk to about this.

    If you know anything about who may be doing this, or see threats written anywhere, please talk to Resource Officer Hawkins, Mr. Keller or myself as soon as possible. We are a Breaker family and we keep each other safe.

    If you are the person who is doing this, please understand that if you are caught you could be expelled and charged with felony terrorist threats. I encourage you to see Resource Officer Hawkins, Mr. Keller or myself so we can put an end to this.

    Thank you.

    I am so disheartened to think that a Breaker would be responsible for creating this fear at PGHS and continue to hope that we will find the person(s) responsible. In the meantime, know that this does not overshadow all of the magnificent accomplishments achieved by our students or that this represents any of the essence of what PGHS and PGUSD is all about. I look forward to a splendid VAPA week, Student Voices, Open House and upcoming accreditation visit.

    Safely yours,

    Matt Bell, Principal, PGHS

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 8, 2018

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