• Snipped from the station log

    Cedrick Hunter

    Unlocked safe unsafe

    Having reason for her employees to have access to the safe, a proprietor decided to leave the depository unlocked for a week.  A short while later, she asked a subordinate to bring her the jewels from the safe.  The subordinate returned with a lament.  The safe was empty.  A police check revealed no signs of forced entry.  The safe had evidently been pilfered during its unlocked stint.

    What, again?

    A would-be motorist flagged down a passing police officer to complain about being stranded.  Some unknown someone had removed the valve stems to his auto’s tires.  The complainant said that his had happened to him before, but he had no idea who the culprit was, nor why it was done.

    Valuables left in view

    A health enthusiast parked, locked her car, and entered a spa to exercise.  While she was inside, someone else decided on a little workout.  This person smashed a car window and removed the woman’s purse, which had been left on a seat of the car.

    Is it PG art?

    A patrolling PGPD officer noticed something odd about trash cans at the baseball field at George Washington Park.  The cans had been classily decorated with … graffiti.

    Missing your ATM card?

    Some forgetful individual departed leaving an ATM card in the machine at the Wachovia Bank.  An investigation by police failed to determine ownership.  The card was destroyed and Wachovia notified.

    Heck, times are tight all over

    PGPD was summoned to the scene of a verbal dispute.  A husband and wife had been arguing.  The husband explained that the couple were suffering through some “tight” financial times.  He had tried to explain to his wife that there was only so much money available to be spent.  His wife had protested, not seeing matters the same way.  Angry, she had departed before the law arrived.  A check of the records revealed that PGPD had been summoned to the same location the day before … for the very same reason.

    Something was suspicious to her

    He said he worked for PG&E, but the lady he was questioning didn’t really believe him.  The man alleged to be canvassing the neighborhood, collecting information.  He inquired about such things as whether or not she had a swimming pool, the best way into her house, and the number of rooms in her home.  The complainant said that sort of questioning just didn’t seem right for PG&E.

    Should have put the brakes on

    An officer on patrol observed a person riding a bicycle.  A light turned red, but the cyclist ignored it and rode straight through.  The officer thought the rider appeared under the influence, so he made a stop and confirmed his suspicions.  The cyclist was arrested and booked.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 27, 2009

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