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    Through 03/13/09

    Car object of burglary The victim reported to police that an unknown party or parties had broken into his car. Stolen were two wallets, a digital camera, and a Motorola cell phone. The victim’s ATM card was removed from one of the wallets. The perpetrators attempted to use the card at an ATM outlet.

    What’s the trouble here? A resident contacted police to lodge a strange complaint. The resident said that his neighbor, away while having work done on his home, possessed a home heating unit that made a lot of noise, most of the time, but he didn’t know why. He stated that he brought the noise to the attention of the neighbor’s contractor, but nothing was done. Police advised the complainant to contact the building inspector. He was also advised to call the police, especially if the noise is noticeable between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am.  That, according to the police, would provide them with back-up information.

    Just come in and ask for it
    Police were advised of a “man down” in the wooded area across from Forest Grove School. Emergency medical staff were on the scene when police arrived, and had placed the victim on a gurney. Upon being questioned, the victim said that he had felt dizzy, and that he must have passed out. No indication of drug usage was discovered, but the emergency staff said that it had taken beer and alcohol from the man. The police took charge of the beverages.  Officers said that the alcohol would be kept in evidence for safe-keeping.  If the victim wants his booze back, all he had to do is come to the station and ask for it.

    Where does the time go?
    A police officer noticed a parked Cadillac located on Moreland Street near Arkwright Court. The license tag was a bit old; it had expired in August, 2008. The vehicle was towed into storage.

    Well, I thought that was where it was
    A complainant notified police that his daughter’s wallet had been taken from the backseat of her vehicle. A little later, a good Samaritan turned in the wallet at the police station, with the contents intact. The Samaritan stated that the wallet had been found under a bus-stop bench on Lighthouse.

    Reckless Ride
    A cyclist fell while riding his bicycle on the recreation trail. He had swerved to avoid a collision with another cyclist.  The cyclist, after complaining that he had hurt his back and neck, was transported to CHOMP. The bike was taken to police headquarters where it remained until the cyclist’s wife called for it.

    And the surf’s up, too
    This complainant had no information for police about suspects, but one thing is certain.  An unknown thief stole his surfboard.

    Where’s the value in these?
    A complainant reported that her vehicle had been broken in to, and burglarized.  Stolen?  The complainant’s insurance, registration, and miscellaneous papers. She had no suspect information.

    Yep, I’m guilty
    A young man was contacted by police because he had been making a lot of noise. The subject indicated that he was on parole, uses drugs, and was in possession of a syringe. The officer decided that the subject would be better off, jailed on a parole hold.

    Making his own?
    A gentleman checked in at a local motel, paying the bill in advance with cash. The motel manager contacted police after one of the hundred dollar bills used to submit payment proved to be counterfeit. The subject was not available for questioning when an officer arrived at the motel.  Police, however, intend to try again later on.

    PG residents pamper wildlife
    Two Pacific Grove residents have been warned about feeding wild animals. One of the people with alfalfa pellets fancied deer. A second person was found to maintain a salt lick. A health problem relating to wildlife has prompted the Pacific Grove Police Department to warn all residents against feeding animals. Monterey County has issued an alert, asking residents to be especially on the lookout for rabid skunks.

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