• Snippets from the station log

    by Jon Guthrie

    That’s my secret!
    Police were contacted and asked to conduct a welfare check on a Pacific Grove man.  An informer had advised police that the man, a recovering alcoholic, had recently lost his job.  That prompted the man to take up drinking again.  Officers who contacted the former alcoholic learned that he claims not to be suicidal.  He also agreed to accompany his mother to seek counseling.  The man admitted that he owned guns, but said that the weapons were not kept at his home.  He refused to tell police where the arms are kept.

    The machine works just fine!
    An elderly Pacific Grove resident was alleged to need help getting cash out of an ATM.  Thereupon a subject withdrew two rather large amounts of money without the victim’s permission.  Police contacted the perpetrator and requested that a suspect photo be provided.

    Leave it to a physician
    A good Samaritan tuned in a brown wallet that had been found at the post office.  Officers learned that the wallet contained a driving license issued by the state of Hawaii.  Other papers were also found, but nothing that would help locate the wallet’s owner.  However, a card in the wallet indicted the bearer had a medical appointment, and the day and time were stated.  The doctor’s office was contacted.  The doctor agreed to assume responsibility for notifying his patient that the wallet had been found.  In the meanwhile, police will enter the wallet into evidence for safekeeping.

    Is my face red?
    A woman contacted police to report that her wedding ring was missing.  She believed that she had left it on the sink in the restroom where she worked.  She insisted that an unknown, subsequent restroom-ser had stolen the ring.  Later, the woman again called police.  The “stolen” ring had been found, she said.

    You #*@%, you woke me up!
    Police were notified that a man had been seen sleeping out in the open at a location in the vicinity of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The dispatched officer found the man and woke him.  The man then emitted a string of profanity.  The man indicated that he was employed by the Aquarium and had been rightfully sleeping in the same location for weeks.  The officer advised the property owner to post signs.

    Please pull over
    An officer stopped a driver who seemed to be driving erratically.  The diver seemed to have been drinking.  The officer issued a Driving Under the Influence citation, then found that if the suspect was intoxicated, it was wrongly so.  The subject was less than twenty-one years of age.

    Give us a call, please
    A Pacific Grove resident had been involved in an automobile accident that occurred in Santa Cruz.  Later, she contacted Pacific Grove police and reported that she had been receiving threatening phone calls from others involved in the accident, which had been a moving vehicle vs. a parked car incident.  The Santa Cruz police, after being contacted by Pacific Grove police, identified the case number and provided details.  The woman was advised to contact her insurance company with claim information.  She was also advised to report any future threatening calls.

    The District Attorney will decide
    A female contacted police to inform on her mother, who was accused of punching the daughter in the forehead during an altercation.  Upon being contacted, mom said her daughter was an incorrigible who had, in fact, hit her in the back of the head during an altercation.  The Pacific Grove Police Department elected to turn the case over to the District Attorney’s office for review.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 27, 2009

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