• SOS Annual Coastal Cleanup Volunteers Remove 6.2 tons of Pollution

    The 31st Save Our Shores (SOS) Annual Coastal Cleanup comes to a close today with encouraging results.  In just three hours, 3,220 volunteers (over 500 student participants) at 85 cleanup sites between Año Nuevo Bay and Arroyo Seco River in the Los Padres National Forest prevented nearly 6.2 tons of trash from entering the Pacific Ocean.

    In Santa Cruz County, 2,015 volunteers removed 8,699 pounds of waste.  In Monterey County, 1,254 volunteers removed 7,583 pounds of waste.

    #SOStrashtalk reports the top six dirtiest cleanup sites of Annual Coastal Cleanup (in order): Elkhorn Slough Estuarine Research Reserve (3,500 lbs of trash), San Lorenzo River at the Felton Covered Bridge (2,800 lbs), Upper Carr Lake (1,219 lbs), Pajaro River at River Park (975 lbs), San Lorenzo River at the Tannery Arts Center (600 lbs), Sand City Beach at West Bay (360 lbs).

    Total pounds of trash removed in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties combined: 13,623 lbs.

    Total pounds of recycling removed in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties combined: 2,649 lbs.

    Notable and strange cleanup finds:

    • 9 shopping carts at Upper Carr Lake in Salinas
    • 27 needles at the Tannery Arts Center
    • 2 bicycles, 4 mattresses, 20 tires, and 35 battery chargers at San Lorenzo River at the Felton Covered Bridge
    • 10 mattresses, 20 tires, and 6 TVs at Elkhorn Slough
    • Antique gun at Del Monte State Beach
    • Half of a kayak at Seabright Beach
    • Tons of monofilament and 22 mylar balloons at Moss Landing in Monterey

    “Thank you to 116 volunteers who showed up earlier this morning to clean Marina’s beaches as part of Californina Coastal Cleanup,” said Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado, who was one of those those volunteers. “Special thanks to Natalie Zayas Delgado , Deanna Lynn, and Kathy Biala representing Citizens for Sustainable Marina who planned and led the event. The single largest group was Iglesia Ni Cristo – Monterey Congregation and their great spirit was much appreciated. See photo below thanks to Gee B Love. Thanks too to Marina City Manager Layne Long and Police Commander Bob Nolan for helping to represent the City of Marina. Thanks to everyone, this beach is clean!”

    Photo courtesy Gee B Love

    Photo courtesy Gee B Love

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 19, 2015

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