• SPCA Investigates Animal Neglect at Illegal Boarding Facility

    On August 9, the SPCA for Monterey County coordinated with Monterey County Building and Planning to respond to an illegal boarding facility on Metz Road in Soledad.

    SPCA humane officers found numerous sick and injured animals belonging to the owner of the boarding facility. Conditions included lame goats and sheep, emaciated cattle, and an injured goose. The owner cooperated with SPCA and Monterey County officials throughout the inspection as officers noted multiple violations. The owner agreed to take the animals in the most dire condition to the vet for emergency medical treatment while accompanied by SPCA officers to ensure treatment was provided. Two of the animals rushed to emergency care, a calf and a steer, had to be euthanized to end their suffering. Another calf suffering from emaciation and pneumonia was brought to the SPCA for 24 hour care.

    There were over 1,000 animals on the property, including cows, goats, ducks, chickens, sheep, pigs, llamas, horses, and more, all in a wide variety of conditions.

    The owner has been ordered by Monterey County Building and Planning to shut his facility down, evict all tenants, and dismantle the illegal structures. He was also given orders by SPCA officers to provide food, water, shelter and vet care for the remaining animals while they are still on the property. Both County and SPCA officials continue to monitor the progress at the facility and the owner is being fined $1,000 dollars a day by County officials until he complies.

    The owner had poor records and little or no contact information for his boarding clients, so not all pet owners could be contacted by the SPCA. The SPCA is still trying to locate some of the animal owners to alert them to the situation.

    The owners could potentially be charged with the following offenses: California Penal Code Sections 597.1 (Permitting Animals to go Without Veterinary Care), Penal Code 597 (Animal Cruelty), Penal Code 597(b) (Deprivation of Food, Water, and Shelter), and Penal Code 597s (Abandonment).

    If you suspect an animal is being treated inhumanely, please call the SPCA at 831-373-2631 or report online at www.SPCAmc.org/report-cruelty.  All reports are confidential. To donate to help your local, independent SPCA rescue animals from neglect and cruelty, please visit www.SPCAmc.org/donate.

    The SPCA for Monterey County is your nonprofit, independent, donor-supported humane society that has been serving the animals and people of Monterey County since 1905. The SPCA is not a chapter of any other agency and does not have a parent organization.  They shelter homeless, neglected and abused pets and livestock, and provide humane education and countless other services to the community. They are the local agency you call to investigate animal cruelty, rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife, and aid domestic animals in distress. Online at www.SPCAmc.org.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 16, 2017

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