• SPCA Nursing Albatross

    This Laysan Albatross should be miles out at sea. Instead, he is at the SPCA Wildlife Center in critical condition and we are fighting to save him. He was found on Marina State Beach yesterday, wet, emaciated, and hypothermic. Our Wildlife Rescue team is giving him fluids, food, and supplemental heat to try to save him. The good news is he was able to eat solid fish this morning, however he is still hypothermic and unable to thermoregulate.

    This is one of the first Laysan Albatrosses rescued by the SPCA. While we occasionally see Black-footed Albatross, we don’t have current records of a rescued Laysan Albatross. Laysan Albatross are pelagic birds, which means they live their lives at sea except while nesting. They range across the northern Pacific Ocean from about the latitude of Costa Rica to the Aleutian Islands and southern Bering Sea. They have a wingspan of 76-79 inches and can soar effortlessly for miles.

    We thank our donors for making our rescues of all types of animals possible. He is alive today because of your support!

    ps – We use the baby monitor to observe him without stressing him. Being in captivity is stressful to our wild patients, who are always fearful of humans, so we do all we can to reduce their stress. By using the baby monitor, we are able to see if he needs immediate care and also track his progress (we saw him eat fish!) without him hearing or seeing us.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 23, 2019

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