• Special Events Calendar, Budget Goes Before City Council

    City Council will soon enter budget considerations, and one piece of information needed to establish budgets is the cost to the City of special events. The Recreation Board has approved a smorgasbord of traditional and other special events expected to impact city costs in terms of staff time. The City Council is asked to approve the list.

    In recent years, the cost to police and public works has gone down because events have been asked, and in many cases volunteered, to use volunteers in place of paid city staff.

    Staff will also be meeting with event organizers to go over their amplification plans. City staff will have the option to deny the amplification, modify the level of amplification, or revoke the sound permit. All sound permits are conditional and may be revoked at any time. Neighbors who will be impacted by sound, road closures, and restricted parking must be notified by mail as well.

    According to the staff report going to the council this week, there are three categories or classifications of special events: “Class I ‘Traditional’ events are those which require support of the City and are directly sponsored by the City, Chamber of Commerce or the Pacific Grove Unified School District. They are traditional events and an integral part of Pacific Grove’s culture. Fees have been waived and Staff support has been given, with an increased emphasis of using volunteers. These events include; 4th of July BarBQ, Feast of Lanterns and Pet Parade, Little Car Show, P.G. Auto Rally, Butterfly Parade, Holiday Tree Lighting, Holiday Parade of Lights, Stillwell’s Holiday in the Park and the Good Old Days events.”

    Class I ‘Fundraising’ events include: Walk to Cure Diabetes; A.I.M. for Mental Health Walk, Double Road Races (Fall & Spring); BSIM 3K, 5K, & 1⁄2 Marathon; Arthritis Foundation 5K run/walk; Rape Crisis 10K run/walk; March of Dimes Walk; and the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis. Usage fees and staffing costs are charged.

    Class II ‘Minimal-Impact’ events are those that require limited staffing support. These events include: the Peace Lantern Ceremony, Our Lady of Fatima Society and the S.P.C.A. Walk. Usage fees and staffing costs are charged, but there are minimal staffing needs.

    The large traditional events potentially cost more than $25,000 for fees and staffing. These events are a part of Pacific Grove’s heritage. Events in the other two categories are expected to pay for all City staffing, equipment usage, and park fees. An additional $20,000 is anticipated in park and equipment rental fees during the fiscal year, helping to offset the costs for Traditional events.

    City staff has been working with event organizers to solidify 5-year agreements for our larger special events. Both parties are able to plan for the future, including City revenues, staffing, and other costs. Besides the contract with Tri-California, staff has solidified contracts with three other organizers and is working towards entering into 5-year agreements with three others.

    Class I Fundraising” and Class II events reimburse the City for services provided. Additional application, park and equipment fees are expected to generate over $20,000. The Triathlon is expected to return an additional $17,000 after reimbursement for staffing.

    The economic benefits in the form of increased T.O.T. and sales taxes are not available, but staff states that they have a positive impact on the local economy. Many of these events attract participants and visitors from outside the Monterey Peninsula and do benefit local organizations, and non-profits.

    A complete breakdown of the events requiring approval is available at 2015-16 Special Events Calendar, Breakdown


    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 19, 2015

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