• Suckin’ Up to Michael’s Taqueria

    And Comments on the “Tempest in a P.G. Kiddie Cone” Debacle

    by I. Ada Lot

    First, the Suckin’ Up….
    Every now and then “I.” -that would be me, gets her pen stuck in her nether regions by writing something that is poorly timed. My recent look at Michael’s Taqueria was one such untimely instance. Wait….let me find that missing pen of mine.

    So, here’s the story….
    The day AFTER I filed my glowing review of Michael’s Taqueria in Country Club Center, I happened by said location on my erstwhile errands and low and behold the place was closed for remodeling. You see, while my review of Michael’s food was glowing, my comments about the “bathroom from hell’ and the “need for a coat of paint that was mixed during this decade” and the “request for a good scrubbing” were a little behind the remodeling plans of the owners.
    Sauntering up to the door of Michael’s I thought, ‘What the heck are you thinking? What if they recognize you as the writer of that little piece of prolific prose?” Then I realized the only way they would know me is if they could actually SEE the aforementioned pen unceremoniously hiding in my nether regions in shame. Knowing that there was no possible way that pen would be viewed in its current location, I bravely proceeded. I was told that they would be closed for the next 10 days to facilitate the laying of a beautiful new tile floor, painting the interior walls and the remodel of the ‘bathroom from hell’. I slunk off into the mist.
    Yesterday, with my newly found pen firmly in hand, my chin up (so they could slap it more readily), I walked in, introduced myself and waited to be tossed unceremoniously to the curb. But wait, they were laughing! No, really laughing! Knowing full well that they were already in the process of tearing the place apart and making it all fresh and new again, they thought my comments were….HILARIOUS!
    The place looks great, smells great and in fact; is great from stem to stern. And yes, I was given a guided tour of the former “bathroom from hell” (see photo) which is now cleaner than an operating room at CHOMP, more pristine than a sunny day at Lovers Point before the little kids mess up the sand,and smells of flowers from a thousand gardens in front of cute little cottages in P.G.
    Now, how’s that for suckin’ up?? ‘Tis better to suck up than screw up, right? Head to Michael’s and be sure to notice the improvements and please mention you read about it here so I can eat my tacos in peace.

    Ice Cream Shoppe Owner vs. DLI Iraqi War Vet or Why Everyone is Right and Everyone is Wrong and Who Paid the Price for A Writer’s Poor Judgment and Lack of Professionalism

    First things first:
    1. The Ice Cream Shoppe owner is entitled to his opinion, but airing it in such a manner that is unbecoming of any thinking human let alone – a) the owner of the business that could b) obviously use more patrons, thereby c) alienating the military personnel that the town loves and have supported and who have, in turn supported local businesses for decades and d) thus, beginning a “dessert storm” that has been blown into media nightmare for everyone else who has an ‘eatery” in P.G.is not only unprofessional and seriously lacking intelligence, it is downright irresponsible and freakin’ embarrassing!
    2. That said…Mr. and Mrs. Williams were completely within their rights to a) leave the place if they thought it was too pricey without being insulted and b) speak their peace after being insulted and verbally assaulted and c) be completely miffed and boycott the “villain of vanilla’ and ask their colleagues to do so too.

    3. Instead, they accepted the apologies of the village cone head, the mayor and hopefully the rest of the community who does not hold the same views or at least have the good sense to know when and where it is appropriate to have a prickly politically charged conversation.
    Here is the short list of problems that were inflicted on the innocent business owners of restaurants in P.G.
    1. Professor Toro, the writer of the initial volley failed to do her homework, thereby painting all restaurants in the town with a broad brush dipped in the same shade red that is already bleeding from everyone’s bottom line of their profit/loss statements. Why oh why, would she print the word “eatery” knowing full well it would implicate everyone and no one at the same time? Irresponsible reporting? For sure. But where did the reporters’ information originate is the question?
    2. A strawberry swirl of less-than-sweet information/speculation around town leads us to believe that either a) some people who happened to be in the Shoppe (why do we need “2 P’s and and E”? Are we in Merry Olde England?) during the heated exchange, decided to bring it to Professor Toro’s attention almost 2 MONTHS AFTER THE FACT!? If they were so incensed by witnessing ‘the shoot out at the PG cone corral”, why would they wait 60 days to report it? Did the verbal assault come with an ‘expires by” date on it? And our other choice is…b) the Chamber of Commerce and mayors’ office thought it would create a ‘positive image’ of P.G. and was attempting to do “damage control’ by going on the offensive instead of the defensive.
    Whatever you choose to believe, the end result remains the same. The town has a licorice colored embarrassingly black eye all over the press and Internet. Sixty -Six “Eateries” suffered financially from the collective poor judgment exhibited by primarily a) a loose tongued, ice cream slinger, b) one reporter who needs to look up the definition of: “check your sources” and “the power of the pen is mightier than the sword “and c) the people who are paid to protect, defend and otherwise cast local businesses in a positive light, who failed the majority of them.
    Please prove those three or four people wrong and patronize P.G.’s restaurants.
    And finally to everyone at DLI and all military personnel in the surrounding area: Thank you for behaving graciously and you have always been valued members of our community. No, not just for the income you bring, but because of the jobs you perform on our behalf, as well. Semper Fi! Anchors Aweigh! God Bless America and a big HooooWahh to all of you.
    As I always say, follow your nose and your gut and decide for yourself. Eat often, eat well and eat out to support our local restaurants during the slowest time of the already slow year.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 9, 2009

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