• Park trees vandalized, suds fill the cove at Lovers Point

    A dozen trees at Rip Van Winkle Park were vandalized earlier this week with spray paint. Arcane symbols, arrows and words were drawn on the trees and at least one log. Anyone with any information is asked to call Pacific Grove Police at 648-3143.

    Today, Dec. 5, Pacific Grove Public Works was dismayed to get a report of soap suds at Lovers Point. Resembling icebergs on a miniature scale, the bubbles were flowing from the sewer outfall there. Public Works has turned on the Urban Diversion so no more suds are getting into the bay but they currently extend from the sewer outfall out to the concrete pier.
    Environmental Programs Manager Sarah Hardgrave guesses it is liquid soap poured into a sewer line, but as they investigate each manhole upstream it is hoped more will be known.
    There are 12 manholes and it could take quite a few hours. Sanctuary official Bridgit of the Water Quality Division is currently analyzing the bubbles.
    The beach has been posted — do not enter.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 5, 2012

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