• ‘Suspicious backpack’ causes Carmel evacuation

    camouflageOn Thursday, Feb. 6, while restaurants all over the Peninsula were full of celebrities and fans of the AT&T National Pro Am, Carmel Police were forced to evacuate four blocks of downtown Carmel, both businesses and residences, because of a “suspicious package.”

    At about 1:00 p.m., a man left his camouflage-printed backpack at the offices of an engineering firm, saying he didn’t want to carry it around and would be “right back.” He wasn’t.

    At about 5:00 an employee of the firm called police, who made the decision to evacuate the area, cordon it off, and investigate. They called the Monterey County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad.

    Bomb squad technicians x-rayed the bag and noticed mostly clothing and personal effects. But when they noticed some sort of electronics and some wiring, they elected to detonate the back pack. No one was injured.

    “They took the steps they needed to take,” said Cdr. Tomasi of Carmel Police.

    Some people are understandably upset. One restaurateur, Walter Georis of Casanova, said they had 300 reservations and had 40 employees waiting to go back to work.

    The owner of the back pack has been identified and could face charges.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 13, 2015

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