• TAMC Secures Funding for Salinas-Monterey Highway Improvements

    The Transportation Agency for Monterey County has received funding to study how to improve Highway 68 between Salinas and Monterey and make it more environmentally sustainable. The Transportation Agency has received a $300,000 Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant from Caltrans to conduct the Monterey-Salinas Scenic Highway Plan. The grant is part of $9.8 million in competitive Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants distributed across the state to support cities, counties, agencies and transit operators in their efforts to integrate transit, bicycling and walking into their local transportation plans. With the funding secured, the Transportation Agency can begin working on the plan in fall of 2015.

    The plan will be used to improve safety, reduce congestion, and enhance environmental conditions along the scenic Monterey-Salinas Highway. The plan will study current and future travel patterns between Monterey and Salinas, evaluate affordable near-term improvements, and determine opportunities for wildlife connectivity enhancements. Once completed, the plan will provide the data, analysis, and public conversation necessary to make informed decisions about transportation projects to benefit the future of the scenic Monterey-Salinas Highway.

    The Monterey-Salinas Scenic Highway Plan demonstrates the continuing need to invest in our transportation future. With less funding from the federal and state government and revenue from gas taxes decreasing, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County is looking for alternative ways to invest in our transportation future. One method, chosen by 20 other counties is the “self-help” method. These counties became “self-help counties” with the passage of a voter-approved transportation sales tax measure.

    If Monterey County were to become a “self-help” county with the passage of a transportation improvement measure, funding would be available for projects that improve safety, commerce, and quality of life. The new funds raised would act as a leveraging agent to better compete for state and federal grants. Becoming a “self-help” county gives the public the opportunity to play a key role in determining our future and identifying projects, in which local money would provide local solutions for local needs. The Monterey-Salinas Highway Plan will help identify projects that can be funded through the measure.

    For questions, please contact Grant Leonard at (831) 775-4402 or by email at grant@tamcmonterey.org

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 12, 2015

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