• The Clark Foundation Awards $20,000 in Fellowships to Local Students

    Robert - Laurencia - Andre

    Robert – Laurencia – Andre

    The Willis W. and Ethel M. Clark Foundation awarded three “Investment in Community” fellowships this summer: Andre LaMothe of Carmel a $10,000 fellowship, Robert Andersen of Seaside a $5,000 fellowship, and Laurencia Walker of Marina a $5,000 fellowship.   The Investment in Community Fellowship is awarded each year to deserving graduate students who were born, raised or live on the Monterey Peninsula and who intend to be of service to the local community after completing his/her graduate degree.

    Upon hearing of the Fellowship award, Andre LaMothe says, “I am grateful for the generosity of the Foundation and humbled by their confidence in me.” Andre is pursuing a Doctorate in dentistry at UC San Diego with emphasis on dental/oral surgery, and is attending dental school at UCLA. He says that, “dentistry utilizes my love of science as well as my desire to help others.” Being born and raised in Carmel, Andre’s goal has always been to return to the Peninsula after graduation. He says the fellowship award brings him one step closer to helping people on the Monterey Peninsula discover the joy of healthy beautiful teeth.

    Robert Andersen is pursuing a Master of Healthcare Administration and Inter-professional Leadership through the UC San Francisco School of Nursing. Robert’s leadership strengths were demonstrated during volunteer work endeavors in his youth. Becoming a father this last August he says was “transformational,” and his career path was “crystallized by my work experience and the birth of my first child.”   He is very much looking forward to returning to the Peninsula after graduation to be near friends and family in his hometown of Pacific Grove.

    Laurencia Walker is pursuing a PhD in Higher Education Administration and Policy at UC Riverside. Her desire to improve access, persistence, and completion for underrepresented students in higher education drives her academic pursuits. She plans to research the experiences of low-socioeconomic students participating in academic retention programs at the community college level. Volunteering became second nature to Laurencia while growing up in Seaside and Marina; she looks forward to returning to the area to continue her community work.

    The Willis W. and Ethel M. Clark Foundation was incorporated in 1953 as a California private foundation and has enjoyed over sixty years of community service on the Monterey Peninsula. Its founders were pioneers in educational testing and research and in 1926 started the California Test Bureau (known as CTB). In 1965, the company was sold to McGraw-Hill and is now known as CTB/McGraw-Hill. For more information, please visit www.theclarkfoundation.org

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 15, 2014

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