• The Colossus will Live Again

    Don’t bother calling the police if you see a merrie band of men spiriting away the gold statue of John Steinbeck from the former home of his grandmother at 222 Central. The new owners have given it to Snick Farkas, provided he can figure out how to carry off all 1500 or so pounds of it. The statue was placed there by the former owner, the late Richard Andolsen, a fan of Steinbeck who sought mystical connections between the author and the legendary King Arthur. Farkas is himself the stuff of legends, being the City’s unofficial political cartoonist and satirist, as folks who attend City Council meetings know well. His cartoon, The Colossus of Gold, is based on the statue and can be found at www.93950.com.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 13, 2009

    Topics: Current Edition


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