• The Gray Eminence shares a scoop – Again! It’s Race Weekend.

    Friends, today is Friday somewhere. I know that. Currently I am slinging the gospel of speed. Starting today. In your very own backyard, the truth is on display at: two hundred miles an hour. Friends, this two hundred mile an hour truth is global, for you; the locals. I have been asked, personally; to invite you and those you can convince to go, to go. So go.
    And go you must.
    This is why…
    This weekend, now; is the best modern sports car racing anywhere: globally. Like nowhere/elsewhere: right here;: in the sweet spot that;: is,;: Mazda raceway Laguna Seca. Your own backyard.
    Porsche will be running (secret) new cars.
    Mercedes will be running the Grim Reaper.
    America’s Corvette will be faster and pass the, afore mentioned.
    Dear friends, do you remember a time when Ford became so mad at Ferrari that they spent millions and millions of dollars to beat the small Italian factory? I do. (I promised myself, I would never say I do again.) Well guess what? That small Italian factory has grown, and the big blue oval has shrunk like it just got out of the cold water of Asilomar beach.
    My pretty new friend “Miss Awesome” told me that, although she enjoyed my “over-view/gonzo-stuff”, she felt that my readers would enjoy my “technical-prowess.”
    Ford wants to beat Ferrari with its own engine. This won’t work/will not happen. Because Ferrari is going to beat Ford with its own engine.
    Ford is running its V-6. Ferrari is running its V-8.
    This is a race that is biblical.
    The epic battle between Ford and Ferrari during 24 Hours de LeMans continues!
    I want to pontificate,
    The epic battle between Ford and Ferrari during 24 Hours de LeMans continues!

    It only gets better. Here is some high class technical bullshit.
    When Ford needed to win, E2 hired sir marks a lot. Which gave them, my friend Peter Brock. Peter Brock has always made the best Cobra’, by the way. – Webster Slate- CST, JCMM. Anyway, once; as Peter and I were standing in Monterey, astride his one thousand horse power Daytona coupe; I asked him about the whole Aston Martin thing. He responded to me in his own, humble way: yeah, how did I know that?
    My dear readers, if you can hear my voice; that means I love you. As sure as I eat mescaline and peyote, then ingest chocolate croissants from Pavel’s, I tell you that Peter Brock has had his way with Ford’s GT. Again. I believe the Ford may upset the rest in its field, because I have looked into Peter Brocks eyes.
    That having been said, in order to entice you to actually go to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this weekend; I offer you my predictions. Aspects of reality to watch for.
    Dig this and you will see this.
    Great factories, come here to win.
    Porsche is pretending to be slow.
    Anybody anywhere that has driven any Porsche anywhere, will tell you that; the Porsche they drove was: very fast and was the best handling car they ever drove. (Here is some technical magic to impress Miss Awesome.) The Porsche 911 is a car that enjoys a “rear- engine.” Spoiler alert! This weekend, not so much. What? Q) Webster, what are you saying? A) I am saying “Mid- engine” 911’ will race. Q) Is that the Pulitzer Prize for journalism I hear knocking? A) No, it’s the gin talking.
    Mercedes – AMG; as mentioned earlier is: the Grim Reaper. One never know where and when. Though as sure as our sun will rise, Mercedes-AMG is just crazy enough to make you doubt your whole existence. Will there be a secret?
    Ferrari is/was/still the most passionate/beautiful benchmark of speed. #62 could not care less that the Grim Reaper is on the track. If the Grim Reaper were a rattle snake and bit #62, the Grim Reaper would die. The #62 team stand out in a deep field.
    Honda, Schmonda. Will your ICU necessary win?
    Mazda, you’ve got this! Go on and win. Win enough to advertise in my newspaper! Win damn it, win. Did you bring your new engine? I certainly hope so. I really enjoy it when you surprise Ferrari and Porsche and everyone else with your reliable speed and effinetcey, and then win. Just like the old days at the 24 hours du Le Mans. This is your track and I love you for that. Please know that we locals love Gill Campbell most of all. Please know that. Please hear me – the Grey Eminence – when I/as I suggest, that Mazda simply; win with Campbell and Littlefield. Then lets preserve your spiritual investment, together.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 21, 2017

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