• ‘The Little Store’ to close

    Shirley and Wayne Daniels little store on Buena Vista in Del Monte Park has sold — and the new owners will not be operating the store, instead turning the property into living space. It’s the end of an era.
    “We really will miss the neighborhood and the great people here, but it’s time to go home,” said Shirley Daniels.
    The store is a tiny commercial enclave in the neighborhood, selling everything from hot coffee to milk to fresh sandwiches. Recently they became a drop-off point for PG&E payments as well.
    The couple had purchased the store years ago, operated it for a number of years, then sold it and retired, but had to take it back when those new owners defaulted. This time it’s permanent. “Wayne turned 80 last January,” said Shirley. They’re planning to move to Henderson, NV where they have family, and where they had been living when they had to repossess the store and return to Pacific Grove.
    She sold it through Craigslist, she said, with only four days from when the new owners looked at property till close of escrow.
    The store will close on Monday, June 27. There will be more history in the print version of Cedar Street Times.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 25, 2011

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