• The Story of Zane

    by Jane Roland

    Yesterday those of us involved with Animal Friends Rescue Project received the following communication, written by Linda Wilsey, Animal Adoption Manager.  I found it so compelling, heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.  There is such a need in the world for education about animals.   How often do we hear “oh, it is just an animal”. These beasts whether domestic or wild suffer in the same way as humans.   Animals do not comprehend what is happening, just that they are in pain.  I hope by reading this, it will open some eyes to the need of assistance to those offering succor to our four legged population (and feathered or finned) that cannot help themselves.

    Zane can’t yet stand without help, but his brown eyes are full of trust. He’s in pain, yet accepts a treat from your hand with gentle nuzzles. Hit by a car on May 31 and left to suffer on the side of the road in rural Salinas for three full days, Zane was betrayed by each human who passed him by and neglected to make a simple phone call for help. He lay immobile, suffering alone while minutes turned into hours, and hours turned into days.

    Finally, the phone call was made that saved Zane’s life. He was picked up by the Monterey County Animal Control officer on Monday, June 3 and was immediately taken to the vet clinic for assessment. Despite the pain he was in, he allowed the officer to put him into her vehicle without a protest. X-rays revealed the horrible damage inflicted by the collision. Zane’s right front leg and right hind leg were badly broken and would require expensive surgical repair with plates and pins.

    Zane has now undergone one surgery to pin and wire his hind leg, and a second surgery to plate the broken bones in his front leg. He faces a possible third surgery if external fixation is required to keep the bones in place during the healing process. Thankfully, Zane is being kept comfortable with pain medication and is doing well. Zane is looking for a foster home and will be available for adoption once fully healed.

    Why bother going to all the trouble and expense to save the life of one stray dog? The answer lies in Zane’s eyes, his gentle cooperation and his grateful tail wags. After all he’s been through, Zane deserves a chance to heal and the opportunity to experience love with a family of his own – but we can’t do it alone. Zane’s journey of healing is going to take time and money.

    Your donation, large or small, proves to Zane that his life is worth saving, and that there are people who truly care about him.     AFRP fills a niche in our community by rescuing animals that will not survive in the shelters; providing medical care (including spay/neuter), behavior training, and finally, placing the animals in good permanent homes.

    These are typically shy, senior, underage or un-weaned animals, those in need of minor and major medical attention, pregnant or nursing animals and those who have just been overlooked and been there too long. We have a lifetime commitment to every animal that comes into our care”

    Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Pacific Grove, California, dedicated to finding good permanent homes for abandoned, stray, and abused companion animals and ending the pet overpopulation crisis through focused spay/neuter programs.

    Please help Animal Friends Rescue Project in its worthy mission.  If you cannot donate funds, your time is valuable, volunteer at the AdoptionCenter at 560 Lighthouse or the AFRP Treasure Shop (a benefit store) at 160 Fountain Avenue.  The telephone numbers are respectively 831-333-0322 or 831-0491. http://www.animalfriendsrescue.org

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 21, 2013

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