• Their mascot says it all: You show the world. You are the Phoenix.

    They come to Pacific Grove Community High School for many reasons, but they’re all going places when they graduate. On their last day of high school, they were finishing up their yearbook and looking forward to the summer vacation. Younger students were working on the computers, painting banners, reading. The students are self-motivated and have diverse skills and aspirations, and the best part is that they all seem to be friends.

    L-R front row: Jenna Rambo, Joey Davies, Persis Tomingas, Kyle Sumpter. L-R, back row: Chris Butler, Mikey Selbicky. Top, Michaela Miller. Bottom, Petika Hilton.

    L-R front row: Jenna Rambo, Joey Davies, Persis Tomingas, Kyle Sumpter. L-R, back row: Chris Butler, Mikey Selbicky. Top, Michaela Miller. Bottom, Petika Hilton.

    Pacific Grove Community High School Vision Statement

    Pacific Grove Community High School will:

    Provide Students with the opportunity for high school graduation and pursuit of vocational goals and post high school education;

    Ensure competency in academic, critical thinking and problem solving skills;

    Maximize opportunities for students to develop the positive values of self-reliance, initiative, kindness, resourcefulness, creativity and responsibility;

    Maintain a learning situation which encourages the student to follow his or her own interests and pace. Recognize that the best learning takes place when the student, in partnership with staff, cultivates his or her own desire to learn and recognizes personal responsibility for the education process.

    Jenna Rambo will attend Monterey Peninsula College. She eventually wants to go into the film industry, but hasn’t decided which end of the camera she prefers.

    Joey Davies is interested in producing movies as well, but says that he will wait until spring to begin college. He works for his father’s company, Joseph Davies Window Cleaning, where he has for the past eight years.

    Matthew Williams will also attend Monterey Peninsula College. He intends to take general education classes at first, but eventually will major in automotive repair where he knows he will likely always be able to find work.

    Kyle Sumpter has already taken steps to join the United States Marine Corps, having completed one test already. Many of his family members are in various branches of the military, but none are in the Marines which is why it’s his first choice. He wants to go overseas.

    Chris Butler is considering joining his brother and sister at Ft. Stewart in Georgia, where they are in the military, for the summer. He intends eventually to become a massage therapist and chiropractor, because he sees that there is a need for it among military personnel.

    Persis Tomingas intends to move to Japan and learn to produce music there. Her mother is Japanese, and Persis speaks the language, so she’s willing to go abroad alone. She’s not particular about what style of music she produces – she just wants to learn how to do it.

    Mikey Selbicky, who works at Grapes of Wrath catering, will likely attend Monterey Peninsula College for a year but he intends to transfer to Orange Coast Community College. The guitarist, who has performed locally on a number of occasions, wants to move to Orange County with some friends from Pacific Grove.

    Petia Hilton also wants to move to Southern California – Costa Mesa to be exact, where she has an aunt. She’ll continue working at a frozen yogurt store on Cannery Row to save the money for her move.

    Michaela Miller, who works at PG Juice and Java, will also continue her job but she plants to go to Monterey Peninsula College and major in psychology. She wants to take some more writing classes and pursue her art.

    Principal Matt Bell opened the graduation ceremonies on June 5 and turned the podium over to Brad Woodyard.

    Brad Woodyard is the head teacher at Pacific Grove Community High School. He teaches science, mathematics and art, including jewelry making. He’s hoping to find local artists and musicians willing to share their skills with the students in the coming year. He gave the dedication speech at the graduation ceremony, thanking friends, teachers, counselors and especially parents for their support of the students. He also gave thanks for Charlyce Estes, the administrative assistant who “holds everything together.”

    Elena Diebolt teaches English and Social Studies there. She is dedicated to the students and works with them in the garden project of which she is justly proud.

    Elena took turns with Brad introducing each student as they were given their diplomas. They said something personal about each student, and each student was given a rose with their diploma, which they then carried into the audience and handed to their mothers.

    Joey Davis, the class valedictorian, gave a brief speech ending with “May you all live long and prosper!” and in place of more speeches, the audience was treated to music by Mikey Selbicky, Joey Davies and Blaise Fletcher-Naar (a junior). Mikey and his mother did a duet of “Suite” Judy Blue eyes.”

    Altogether, it was a unique ceremony for a unique group of graduates.

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind (Dr. Seuss, quoted at the PG Community High School graduation)

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