• They’re on their way

    Jack Beigle was the first to report a Monarch sighting in Pacific Grove — a single “scout” seen last week.

    “It would be interesting to know if the Monarchs sort of glide down a freeway route to  the Sanctuary, or if it is a random distribution  of arrival all over town” said Helen Johnson of Monarch Alert.

    Anyone spotting a Monarch in Pacific Grove over the next few weeks is urged to call Monarch Alert at 1-877-7740, Mailbox 7. If the butterfly is tagged, the tag number would be helpful but it is not vital. Or spotters may call Cedar Street Times at 831-324-4742. We’d like to know where it was seen.

    Monarchs were seen last week in coastal Marin as well. There were five sightings in one day at Muir Beach and three in the Marin Headlands.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 24, 2009

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