• Thinking of opening a business in Pacific Grove?

    New Web Tool Smooths the Path

    Each year more than half a million new businesses are formed in the United States. These employers are a key element to creating strong communities, but their first interface with local government often relies upon pen, paper and in-person visits to City offices.

    The City of Pacific Grove is proud to announce the launch of OpenCounter Pacific Grove. OpenCounter is a web-based tool that helps entrepreneurs to estimate the time, costs and requirements of opening their business in Pacific Grove. You can try it out now at http://pacific-grove.opencounter.us

    “Tools like OpenCounter bring our services into the digital age. Not only does it help entrepreneurs scope out new opportunities in Pacific Grove, it gives us all sorts of data to guide the development of new economic development policies and programs, and an opportunity to help each potential business that utilizes the tool,” says Kurt Overmeyer, the Economic Development Manager for the City of Pacific Grove.

    Today’s entrepreneurs can take advantage of a wide array of amazing consumer technologies to get their ventures off the ground, from LegalZoom to Quickbooks. These services have revolutionized business processes and allowed entrepreneurs to concentrate on their primary purpose, starting and scaling businesses and creating jobs. OpenCounter brings that easy online experience–and cost advantage–to City Hall

    Tom McMahon, the President of the Pacific Grove Business Improvement District says, “The City is continuing its efforts to drive economic development. Delivering accessible, intuitive and informative tools to current and prospective business owners is another great step.”

    OpenCounter asks the right questions, in the right order, so business owners see the requirements, fees, and processing time that will apply to their planned use and location.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 10, 2014

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