• “Tiny Treasures” Miniatures Show and fundraiser at PG Art Center

    One of our most popular events, the “Tiny Treasures” Miniatures Show is also a major fundraiser for the Art Center. Thanks to the generosity and support of local artists and donors, we have a wonderful collection of miniature artwork on display again this year. We have received donations in a variety of media, including acrylics, beads, ceramics, collage, crayon, cut paper, digital art, drypoint, encaustic, etchings, glass, gouache, graphite, hand-dyed silk, jade, jewelry, mixed media, monotype, needlework, oils, pastels, pen and ink, photography, stonecast, and watercolors.

    Donations have been received from Juanita Anderson, Robert Armstrong, Jo Dean Axline, Carolyn Berry, Carole Bestor, Joanne Bevilacqua, Meg Biddle, Beverly Borgman, Patricia Borgman, JoAnne Perrault Boulger, Al Brevard, Josie Anne Cameron, Fred Carvell, Clark Coleman, Alex Collier, Noriko Yoshikawa Constant, Debra K. Davalos, The Estate of Dianetha, Phyllis Donohue, Charlene Doran, Tom Dornbach, Michael Duffy, Renee G. Eaton, Sandra Eckhart, Gene Elmore, Edward Eyth, Mark Farina, Snick Farkas, Rene Flippo, Jane Flury, Caroline Gordon, Jacquelyn Haag, Julie Heilman, Mary Hill, Peter Hiller, David Hohmann, Art & Cindy Horning, Peggy Hutton, Rama P. Jama, Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Kampe, Anita Kaplan, Ruby Katayama, Michaela Kempton, Cleo Kent-Davy, Joann Kiehn, Mary Kay King, Carole Klein, Anne Kmetovic, Santoshi Lama, Jim Lambert, Francyne Laney, David Lazarony, Ed Leeper, Brooks Leffler, David Leonard, Jeanne W. Lilly, Laura Lockett, Janet K. Long, Karen Mahaney Low, Elaine Mackoff, Jim Maraccini, Rick McGarrity, Pat McKitrick, Alicia Meheen, George Menasco, Elizabeth Meyer, Barbara Monning, Steven F. Munsie, Delphie Myron-Russell, F Nguyen, Nancy Nix, Arlene Vonnegut Nolan, Barbara Norton, Helen Ogden, Demaris L. Olson, Claire Oppenhuizen, Marie O’Rielly, Andrew Passell, Corazon T. Patricio, Connie Pearlstein, Rita Pescatore, Michelle Pisciotta, Peter Plamondon, Marcia Poroy, Maria Prince, Nancy Raven, Cynthia Ricketts-Wasley, Marybeth Rinehart, Alice Geller Robertson, Paige Robertson, Gary Shallcross, Gloria Shaw, Yana Shevchenko, Peter Silzer, Rebekah Sisk, Susan T. Reith, Patricia Skinner, Tim Sloan, Lesley Anne Spowart, W. F. Stone, Jr., Colleen Sundquist, Pamela Takigawa, Gretchen Taylor, Sheila Tanguy Tracey, Julie Terflinger, Robin Way, Al Weber, Sally Weil, Laura Williams, Don Wobber, Fay Wu, Terrence Zito, Patricia Zobel, Helma Zeuge, and several Anonymous Donors.

    Each piece of art is displayed above a box, into which ticket holders may place raffle tickets. Ticket sales will begin at 7 pm on opening night, Friday, May 29, 2009, and will continue through the drawing at 7 pm on Wednesday evening, July 8th. Tickets are $3 each, or 10 for $25. This is a great opportunity to do some shopping for gifts or for a little something to adorn your own walls. Support the Art Center and have fun at the same time!

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 28, 2009

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