• Traffic Delays for Hwy Curve Warning signs

    A roadside curve warning sign installation project is underway on various highways in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

    Roadwork consists of daytime and overnight single lane closures and depending on the highway, sometimes one-way traffic control. Please see breakdown of highways and roadwork hours below.  

    Hwy 1 just north of Carmel Valley Rd to just north of Morrissey Blvd
    Sun-Fri – 9 pm to 5 am
    Hwy 101 just south of Bradley Rd to Jolon Rd
    Mon-Fri – 07:00 am to 4 pm
    Hwy 101 Arroyo Seco Rd to Betabel Rd
    Sun – Mon –10 pm to 6 am (next morning) 
    Mon – Fri –8 pm to 6 am (next morning)
    NB-17 just north of Pasatiempo Dr to just south of Summit Rd

    Mon – Fri—9 pm to 5 am
    SB-17 just north of Pasatiempo Dr to just south of Summit Rd

    Sun – Mon –10 pm to 6 am (next morning)
    Mon – Fri –9 pm to 6 am (next morning)
    Hwy 198 (Hwy-101 to Fresno County line) (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 25 (Hwy 198 to Loneoak Rd and Lewis Creek Rd to just south of Tres Pinos) (Reversible traffic control)
    Mon-Fri –8 am to 4 pm
    Hwy 1 just north of Point Sur State Historic Park to Point Lobos (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 25 just south of Tres Pinos to just north of Santa Ana Rd (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 9 just north of Vernon St to just north of Old Big Trees Rd & just north of Riverdale Blvd to just sout of Hwy-35 (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 35 (Mountain Charlie Rd to Black Rd) (Reversible traffic control)
    Mon – Fri – 9 am to 4 pm
    Hwy 68 just north of Scenic Dr to just south of Skyline Forest Dr (Reversible traffic control
    Hwy 9 just north of El Solyo Heights Dr to just south of Irwin Way (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 1 From Hwy 156 to just north of Salinas Rd (Reversible traffic control)
    Sun – Fri 9 pm to 6 am (next morning)
    Hwy 146 just west of Stonewall Canyon Rd to just west of West Pinnacles Visitor Station (Reversible traffic control)
    Sun – Mon: 9 pm to 11:59 pm 
    Tue – Fri: 12 midnight to 3 pm
    Hwy 152 Hill Ave to Bella Vista Ln (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 129 just east of Murphy Rd to Old Chittenden Rd (Reversible traffic control)
    Hwy 236 Oak Ave to North Escape Rd (Reversible traffic control)
    Sun – Mon: 9 pm to 6 am (next morning); 9 am to 3 pm
    Mon – Fri: 7 pm to 6 am (next morning); 9 am to 3 pm
    Hwy 68 at Portola Drive
    Sun – Fri: 21:00 – 06:00

    NOTE: Roadwork can take place at any location, without order. Currently, the contractor is working on Hwy. 25, switch to Hwy. 198 the second week of April and plans to keep moving. Traffic delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected. Electronic messages will be present to alert motorists of lane closures.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 30, 2020

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