• Two sides to a Story Spark Argument


    I believe Josie (aka Rosey). She was there. She phoned me when it happened and later reiterated the scenario, not only with the partying family  but others who trespassed on the property, at which times she acted as a volunteer security guard.  
    Good luck to all who care about the crises in our country and the world and who are giving their lives to solving problems we possibly cannot solve. 
    I need a break and to clear my head and my heart from  situations beyond my control.
    Love you and let it go. 
    I have a book to finish while I am still able to do so, so step aside as the writer whose beat has been homelessness. Perhaps someone else can do it better than I tried to do. 
    Love and good luck,  

    May the muse be with you

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 8, 2020

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