• Two-ton tourists

    Two elephant seals have come to visit Pacific Grove. Hauling up on the beach at Hopkins Marine on New Years Day, the first one made himself right at home among the harbor seals. A second arrived Jan. 7, 2012. In the video, you can see the first visitor in the back, on the left, covered with sand. He’s motionless until the last few frames. Video by Kim Worrell, aka oceanfoxx.

    Says Kim, “Initially, the Harbor Seals scattered into the water and watched the Elephant Seal make himself comfortable on their beach. That first day a few brave Harbor Seals would venture onto the beach but all the Elephant Seal had to do was lift its head and the Harbor Seals would scatter. Slowly the Harbor Seals began to come back onto the beach but still gave the Elephant Seal its space. On Tuesday, [Jan. 3] Hopkins Beach was covered in fish. I was told by someone from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that it was sardines and mackeral that may have been dumped by a fishing boat. The birds were going nuts. There were gulls, herons, egrets, mature and immature brown pelicans and cormorants all trying to get their fish. The Elephant Seal continued to lounge on the beach and the Harbor Seals were a little skittish with all the birds around and the Elephant Seal. On Friday morning, the beach was empty and I thought the Elephant Seal had finally gone on his way, but to my surprise he was in the water swimming. I watched him for approximately 45 minutes swimming around with 2 otters and the Harbor Seals who all kept a little distance from him. Finally, he made his way back onto the beach and claimed his throne again. Today, a second male Elephant Seal arrived on the scene….and then there were two.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 7, 2012

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