• Unbreakable

    by Jorden Thomas

    Memories spent reminiscing
    about the past when things
    were different are floating
    away now. Reality has struck
    the heart of every individual
    and silence strikes back
    with a force never before seen.
    Lives have been affected by
    the mistakes of youthfulness
    and the dreams of the wise.
    Yes, our community has
    been affected. Yes, we find
    ourselves experiencing an
    uncomfortable sense of calm,
    our breaths deepening and
    our eyes filled with tears. Do
    I know them well? No. Am I
    liked by them? I don’t know.
    But they are classmates…
    They are people with whom,
    for the last four years, I have
    gone through the epic
    journey of high school. The
    times are rough for those
    who sat in classrooms with
    them.  The times are even
    more difficult for those close
    to them.  And for family
    members, the pain is
    unimaginable! Tragedies of
    this degree always strike in
    unexpected ways and at
    unforeseen times.  This
    tragedy just happened to
    occur on a rain-slicked
    highway in the darkness of a
    Sunday morning.  Now, our
    mourning must travel a road
    that will end in triumph over
    an event that is already life
    changing.  To my fellow
    students: I give you my
    undying respect. To my
    community: I give you my
    We are Breakers…We are
    family…We are strong.
    We are unbreakable!

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 25, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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