• Update on student overdose

    It was reported yesterday that a 15-year-old had overdosed by ingesting Adderall and snorting it, as well as sharing it with another student. Police had interviewed a Monterey student as the possible supplier but later said that they did not believe she was involved.
    Further investigation shows that it was not, in fact, Adderall but Xanax, and that the student had taken them from his parents’ prescription medications.
    “This incident is a reminder that parents should be careful with and properly secure prescription medications that are stored in their households,” said Cdr. John Miller of PGPD. “Many local pharmacies and some local law enforcement agencies are authorized drop-off sites for unused and unneeded prescription medications. Please check online for drop-off sites near you or call your local pharmacy or law enforcement agency before attempting to drop off any medications at those locations,” he added.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 5, 2012

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