• Updated rain gauge

    Here is a slight correction:  

    In our driveway there was almost no moisture. Down Buena Vista about a block from our house on Shafter the street was a little wet from the fog–some dripping off trees, probably some directly from the fog overhead. Maybe a hundreth of an inch! 

    I thought that maybe I should turn around and change my RAIN GAUGE and send it to you, but I didn’t bother to do that.  

    I don’t have a Fog-O-Meter, but this would be a good estimate if you want to reprint this (below)!


    Pacific Grove, beyond FOREST HILL SHOPPING and below Holman Hwy. 
    Data reported by Bruce Cowan, resident

    Week Ending Thursday Morning, September 5, 2019

    Inches, as of 8 AM, 9/5/19: .01″  

    Current season’s total since 7/1/19: .05″ (drizzles) 

    Previous Season–July 2018 through June 2019: 26″

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 5, 2019

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