• Ventana Surfboards & Supplies Named 2015 Ocean Business of the Year

    Save Our Shores’ 7th annual award recognizes leaders in marine conservation


    (Student from the Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitat fills out cleanup data card)

    Every year, Save Our Shores (SOS) honors a local Monterey Bay business with their prestigious Ocean Business of the Year award. The award recognizes exceptional community leaders in ocean stewardship and community outreach. This year’s recipient is Ventana Surfboards and Supplies, a local company built on craftsmanship, responsibility, and adventure.

     (Students from the Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitat join Save Our Shores and Ventana for an marine educational trip and beach cleanup) IMG_6855-M (Student from the Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitat holds a Ventana hand plane)

    (Students from the Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitat join Save Our Shores and Ventana for an marine educational trip and beach cleanup)

    Ventana’s three brand values are what allows them to repurpose century-old floorboards from Mission Hill victorians into handcrafted surfboards using bio-based resins. They are also what drives Ventana to donate 5% of the proceeds from their organic-upcycled Doug Ross apparel collection to benefit Save Our Shores’ marine education programs.

    Their generous donations help SOS collaborate with Ventana to supply Monterey Bay’s underserved schools with resources to organize educational trips to the beach. Each trip provides an avenue for students to find and ignite their passion, highlighting Ventana as a model career in sustainability and showcasing opportunities in ocean stewardship.

    When asked about the commitment, cofounder David Dennis said, “We view Save Our Shores as a perfect extension to our ‘Responsibility’ brand value,” he said. “We want a healthy community for our children to grow up in… And a healthy environment so that our customers can get the most enjoyment out of our craftsman products.  Polluted water and beaches negatively impact that.  But we don’t want to just pay lip service to that fact, we want our products to showcase it.”

    And showcase it they do with their Upcycle Partner Program. During the winter holiday, Ventana turns thousands of glass bottles collected at SOS Hotspot beach cleanups into beautiful candle holders to sell as gifts in support of the nonprofit.

    Ventana Surfboards and Supplies helps Save Our Shores inspire marine recreators to enjoy the ocean responsibly. That is why Ventana is the recipient of SOS’s seventh annual Ocean Business of the Year award.

    ABOUT SAVE OUR SHORES: Save Our Shores (SOS) is a Santa Cruz-based marine conservation nonprofit dedicated to caring for the California Central Coast through advocacy, awareness, and citizen action. Learn more at saveourshores.org

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