• Water Management District says no rationing — for now

    Pacific Grove residents can still take showers for the foreseeable future, but they might want to think twice about watering the daisies. The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District presented its annual Water Supply Forecast for the upcoming water year on May 21. Based on current physical availability of water, no additional mandatory water demand reductions are necessary at this time.
    The District’s Water Supply Forecast is compiled annually to analyze the status of water supply and demand within the District’s boundaries. This report quantifies the rainfall, runoff, and storage conditions with the District, as of May 1, and forecasts the amount of water that will be available for use during the upcoming water year.
    Water demand for the remainder of Water Year 2012 and all of Water Year 2013 is projected to be 24,665 acre-feet of water. Current usable storage is estimated at 30,910 AF, or 82 percent of maximum storage capacity. This current supply provides sufficient stored water to meet projected needs over the next 17 months.
    Despite adequate water supply levels, there is still a need for continued conservation and progress on development of new supply sources.
    “Don’t let the numbers provide a false sense of security,” said Dave Stoldt, MPWMD General Manager. “We could always go into higher stages of rationing if the community’s water use exceeds Cal Am’s monthly water production targets. And with a mandatory 70 percent reduction in our available supply just a few short years away, it’s vital we act now on developing new supply sources.”
    More information on the Water Supply Forecast can be found in the May 21 board meeting packet at www.mpwmd.net.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 25, 2012

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