• Watson

    by Brianna Sanders

    His deductions are strong,
    Courage even stronger.
    He has no place in modern society,
    Yet no mystery,
    Or force of defense, for that matter,
    Is ever complete without him,
    Be it his smarts,
    Or his wits,
    Or his tweed hat,
    The man is a man of reason.
    This man is not a detective,
    And yet despite his medical mind,
    He is also not a doctor,
    Though he is someone to rely on for repairs of any kind,
    Be it flesh, or mind, or heart.
    He will be there,
    But his presence will remain a shadow,
    For he is not the star of this play.
    He is the line-giver for the lead.
    He is simply the helper,
    Yet his worth knows no bounds,
    For unintentional help,
    A muttered comment or a guess
    Leads the lead to his greatest conclusion,
    His greatest adventure,
    His greatest deduction.
    And how could anything ever be accomplished without him?
    He who reads your innermost thoughts,
    He who heals all your wounds,
    He who will always support you,
    The lead, the Sherlock,
    For everyone needs his Watson.
    And that my friends
    Is elementary.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 29, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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