• What a game!

    imageFinal Score!

    Peter Nichols photo: Final scoreboard for Fri, Nov. 29 playoff game between Pacific Grove Breakers and Carmel Padres. 77-53: Was it a football game or basketball?

    Tweeting a playoff game: Fans texting the action to us; we’re spewing it back out because the hometown fans are hanging on every tweet. And what a game it was!

    No. 3 seed Carmel v. 7th seeded Pacific Grove. Winner goes to CCS Div. IV championship game

    Eeyah! 7-0 PG on an 85-yd drive with 10 mins. left in the first quarter

    Luke Lowell interception: PG’s got the ball. Forget the Shoe someone posted

    Carmel makes it even 7-7 with 8:20 in the quarter

    4:53 left. Another 40 yd TD run now 14-7 PG

    Jason Leach TD from about 5 yards now 21-7 PG

    PG scores again 28-10! Peter sending photos from his iPhone to whet your appetites for our Fri. issue

    Jake Speed TD pass from Luke Lowell

    Lowell 2 pt after TD gives PG 42-24

    Quick, it’s halftime. Run to the bathroom and the refrigerator!

    2nd half under way. Breaker fans tuning in from AZ, Tahoe, Henderson, San Diego, Santa Barbara

    56-38 with 4:07 in the 3rd

    This is wild! Jake Speed gets his 5th TD of the game, a 17 yd. run

    Score now 70-38 with 10:43 in the 4th

    People are wondering if this is a basketball game looking at the score

    Marden/Carmel 2 yd run 70-45 with 9:19 in the 4th

    Breakers kicking Padre butt

    Score now 77-53. Start packing

    Final 77-53! Yes!

    What’s the Breakers’ % from the free throw line? LOL!

    Stats: Jake Speed = 6 TDs, Jason Leach 4; Speed 201 yds. rushing, Leach 183

    Luke Lowell ruled the air while Speed and Leach covered the ground

    Next up for the Breakers: SACRED HEART GATORS as Monterey falls 34-7

    A grudge match? Gators knocked Breakers out of the playoffs last year


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 30, 2013

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