• What’s Going on at Forest Grove School?

    Construction ZoneIf you use Congress Ave. and go past Forest Grove School and/or the dog park (Rip Van Winkle), you must have noticed construction which began on June 20 in the circular “driveway” at the school.

    It’s a summer-long project to improve bus drop-off and passenger car drop-off, plus adding an ADA ramp and a few more parking spaces. It may cause some congestion as it merges three access areas from the high school to Forest Grove, but the anticipated end date of 9/9/16 should be the end of problems. School starts August 10, by the way. Learn to drive slowly/carefully through there for the sake of the construction, but keep doing it for the sake of the kids.

    More coming in our print edition July 1, 2016.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 24, 2016

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