• Where I Call Home

    by Jade Hage

    Pacific Grove, deemed by some as the “Last Hometown,”

    Where I can wander through downtown,

    Running into everyone I know.


    Pacific Grove, where all of the students can

    Fondly recall elementary school music class with

    Ms. Sanfort;

    And where every student has had the experience

    Of Mr. Bell as their principal, and Ms. Anton’s

    Riveting exploration through world history.


    Pacific Grove, where the innate rivalry between

    The Otters and the Falcons can be noticed even

    At the high school;

    And where Breaker pride is thick in the air on

    Every spirit day, and at every athletic event.


    Pacific Grove, where the sweet aroma of kettle

    Corn wafts through the brisk April air at the

    lively Good Old Days celebration;

    Where the Feast of Lanterns and its Royal Court

    Are the highlight of the fog-blanketed summers;

    And where each kindergartener marches through

    Town dressed as a proud monarch butterfly in the

    Lively Butterfly Parade.


    Pacific Grove, the sweetest little town, where I call


    Jade Hage is a member of the PGHS Young Writers Club which submits its best poetry during the school year to grace the pages of Cedar Street Times. We thank all the students as we use Jade’s poem for our retrospective.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 24, 2009

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