• Where Nothing Else Is Real

    by Samuel Goldman

    It doesn’t rain when I cry
    Clouds don’t follow me like they do in the movies,
    When I’m down, sad, and cold
    There’s no downtrodden background music
    Biding its time, playing across the pan-screen
    I don’t get to burst instantaneously into song, while the people around me
    Suddenly begin a synchronized dance routine that no one practiced
    There will be no one on my front lawn with a fistful of pebbles
    And a boombox with my favorite song playing quietly
    The night will, in fact, end
    And my parents do care if I run off with someone at 11:00 PM
    Not to return until the early morn’ after crashing on their bed
    Life is not an imitation of the sweet teenage love that
    Hollywood loves to fabricate

    How to combat the drowning reality?
    Threatening to lure me to belief with its
    Hook of fantasy until
    I drown on
    False hope

    I will hold up against the suffocating
    Crush of reality and its
    Lack of things

    I will put on my headphones and
    Drown reality in the sound waves
    While singing along

    True, no one will dance in the street
    And there will be no magic background music
    But I can dance by myself
    And my own music
    Will serve

    I will wear my out-of-style
    Clearance rack
    Mass production
    Jeans and tees
    With pride

    Self doubt will not rule me
    And fear will not blind me

    I will grin proudly while
    Walking the halls
    Ignoring stares and mocking laughter
    Nothing and no one can hinder my
    Hopes and dreams

    It’s just that sometimes
    We all

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 19, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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