• Where You Belong

    by Emily Shifflett

    Who cares if I seem silly?
    Who cares how odd I seem?
    How can I otherwise show you,
    What you mean to me?
    One single arm span
    Pales in sad compare
    To show how much you are
    This second standing there
    You can roll your eyes at me right now
    But listen to my words
    No one can comprehend the truth
    Even if you think this gesture for the birds
    Race me to the sun
    And still you’ll never know
    You could travel to the very end of time
    And the distance still won’t show
    This is how I love you
    This is for how long
    This is for forever
    And this is where you belong

    * Inspired by “I Love You This Big” by Scotty McCreery

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 10, 2011

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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