• Where’s the Condor?

    The Jan. 19 City Council meeting had all the marks of being another boring evening, if one were to judge by the agenda. The first clue, however, that it was going to be Another One of Those Nights was the sight of a certain retired attorney with a very large, bullying voice, lips tightly pursed, getting out of his Mercedes. True to form he got up at oral communications and berated everyone with his version of the CalPERS issue. Like he was going to surprise anyone. And he didn’t.

    Some woman from some group I never heard of got up to talk about the county economic report, and too late to take notes I realized that she was making sense. She was at the end of her talk before I realized why:
    She didn’t mention the King of the Chamber of Commerce, let alone credit him with anything. That explained the spluttering sounds I heard from the general direction of where I had noticed him sitting.

    Lee tried to convince us that having liquor at the golf course would result in people throwing up in her yard. Or was that last week? She doesn’t live very close to the golf course, however. Another familiar former candidate for mayor said something similar, with about the same effect. Or was that last week?

    Deputy Jim presented some potential changes in the litany of city employees, one of which was the elimination of the position of gift shop manager at the Museum. Well, that set the mayor off. “Is the gift shop manager eliminated because the job went to the foundation — are we still going to have it or is the person eliminated too?” Lucky for the unfortunate gift shop manager, she keeps her job as she now works for the Foundation. No point in carrying her on the books, you see.
    “Where’s the condor?” Dan-O asked.

    Best not to let that gift shop manager too far out of our sight — maybe she has something to do with the missing condor.

    They thrashed around the interim operation of the Pt. Pinos Grill, with staff asking for a whole bunch of money (like $220,000) and promising to earn a whole bunch ($230,000. Hello?) The point was made that they really only expected to have to have the money until the question of the new concessionaire and the potential liquor license were approved, plus lights to keep us from falling on your faces if we all get drunk.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the poor golf pro is running the show. “What does he know about running a restaurant?” asked Dan-O. Probably no more than he knows about the missing condor.

    The rest of the meeting was contentious, to say the least, with Dan-O showing his colors over the question of hiring a real pro at the tennis courts, not allowing himself to be recused even though he lives across from the courts (he rents, you know, and says he has no financial interest in the ancestral seat — how did that happen? Anything to do with a condor?) He wanted it to be about noise that could potentially annoy his twins if people actually used the tennis courts. Alan wanted to make it about Dan’s brother (You Know Who) and the fight was on. Much shouting (on Alan’s part)  and pointing of fingers and shouting (on Dan-O’s part) and shifting of seats on the part of everyone else, including Darius. The condor, he lay low.

    There were two 4-3 votes that evening, demonstrated a less-than-cohesive city council, and I only have one piece of advice: Saying “No!” louder doesn’t increase the count for your side.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 9, 2011

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