• Will the Monterey Peninsula be Getting Residential Food Scrap Composting?

    by Skyler Lewis

    jewish food festival supplement - smartferm system

    The Monterey Regional Waste Management District’s new composting system can process a wider variety of waste, including meats and certified-compostable utensils, than typical backyard compost piles, which are often limited to vegan food scraps. MRWMD now composts all landscape trimmings from curbside yard waste bins, in addition to local agricultural byproducts, and food scraps from businesses and commercial events like the Jewish Film Festival. (Any other local organizations interested in making their events “zero waste” should contact MRWMD.)

    The new “SmartFerm” dry fermentation anaerobic digestion system safely breaks down this mixture of organic waste material. In addition to creating compost from the food scraps and green waste, the system also captures the methane gas released by the “digestion” process to generate electricity.

    MRWMD has the capability of composting residential food scraps in addition to those from businesses and events. A new Model Franchise Agreement process, underway for all Monterey Peninsula cities except the City of Monterey, is currently considering food scrap collection.

    It will be up to the individual cities, who each individually contract with curbside service providers like WM, to determine whether to provide curbside food scrap collection.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 8, 2013

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