• Winding Solitude

    by Morgan Brown

    Swathed in a mantle of darkness
    Drenched by the steady pulse of His tears
    My lonely mind wanders
    Writing and erasing and drawing and erasing and nothing
    Is accomplished
    The disquiet of my soul erupts
    Whispering and screaming and crying and screaming and nothing
    Is heard
    His tears mingle with my own in startling disparity
    I surrender to the authority that is not mine
    And float down the river of sorrow
    Intricate and overwhelming
    Convoluted and devastating
    I am not alone
    My tears are the river and the river is His tears
    Hours elapse
    Days pass by
    Months slip away
    Years are left behind
    Ending and beginning and commencing and terminating
    Sorrow weeps inconsistency
    Our precious minds unite to grapple sorrow into submission
    Acceding to resiliency and altering our perspective
    Is imperative
    Writing and dreaming and drawing and believing
    My mind is no longer lonely

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 5, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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