• Winners to Monterey County’s 31st Annual Spelling Bee Announced

    By Tom Nelson

    It might just have been the subtle doxology performed by Linus Santos, a fifth grader from Sacred Heart School, which put him in first place at the Lyceum’s Spelling Bee on Saturday. Leaping such orthographic hurdles as credible, brochure, euphemism (and the clincher), inexplicable, he outlasted fifty-four finalists from throughout the county. Over 6,ooo children compete to represent their schools.

    Placing second was Kassandra Lopez of New Republic School in Salinas. The fifth grader correctly spelled such words as emancipate, philosopher, vaccinate and campaign.

    Close behind were the third and fourth place finishers, Stella Foster from Captain Cooper School in Big Sur, who was the only fourth grader to make the final four, and Peyton Ross of Washington Union School. Stella’s challenges were mistletoe, amorphous, illuminate and lacquer. Peyton correctly spelled nightingale, apocalypse, imperative and omnivorous.

    The common thread that distinguishes these children is their love of reading.

    The audience of 350 parents, teachers, principals, grandparents and siblings provided enthusiastic support for these spelling whiz kids. A touching ending was seeing Peyton Ross’ burly father greeting her proudly and wiping the tears from his eyes.

    Judging the event were Bob DeWeese, Cindie Farley and Wayne Cruzan. Our word caller was smooth voiced elocution specialist, David Whitrock, KAZU’s Morning Edition host.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 22, 2015

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