• Winter

    by Lila Afifi

    It’s that time of year again
    When snow-capped trees reach for the sky
    Busy-goers cross the plain
    And secret presents pile high
    Snowball fights ensue rapidly
    Snowmen and snow-angels are created by children
    Ornaments cling to leaves steadfastly
    Gifts seek hiding spots by the millions
    While paper and ribbons race to the finish
    Anything and everything all paid in gallions
    As hungry stomachs continue to replenish
    Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and Hannukah throughout
    Mean, harsh words have been de-clawed of their talons
    So appetites for gourmet food stall between the bout
    Then comes New Years and time for joy
    With plates and drinks to way us down
    There are toys being played with by girls and boys
    While the grand new puppy-dog waddles round and round
    All these things come in the winter
    And only stops when spring arrives
    But for now beneath the bright white sky we’ll banter
    And stall the green that soon will thrive
    Winter is a jolly time for all
    For shoppers and sellers and wishers and frogs
    The wish-lists fulfilled just down the hall
    But no one should ever like wearing red clogs
    Just boots and sweaters with tea next to books
    Look out the window there’ll be snow on the ground
    With everything hidden in crannies and nooks
    No one will care to look and just lounge
    As winter is brought on, by snow on the falling down

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 7, 2012

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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