• World Superbikes Take Center Stage at Laguna Seca

    Friends: From July 11 through the following Monday, the fastest circus on two wheels this season, will be here. I am going to try to illuminate this for you, Darling Reader. 

    Alas this week jet lag and attempts of detoxifying and chronic hallucinations have left me hopelessly behind. So I’ll try to cover the basics in various individual points. In as good order as possible. 

    Generally when run in Europe, WSBK enjoys on average of 60 to 80 thousand attendance each day. World Superbikes are production based 1000 cc racing motor-cycles that are enhanced for the rigors of racing. These days the average litre bike enjoys around 200 horse power and weighs an amazingly light 450 pounds. Speeds of 220 mph or more are entirely possible. Especially along the start-finish straight. That is not a misprint or under-estimate. The English rider Jonathon Rea and his Kawasaki have been all but unbeatable for the last 5 years or so. The governing body- F.I.M.- has spent the last 3 years punishing Mr. Rea because he has been continually winning. This has not worked. The first 8 years or so of Jonathan Rea’s professional Motorcycle racing career were fraught with bad bikes and bad luck. As is said far too often in racing; it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Tom Sykes will be riding the new BMW. He could well win here. Ducati will be running the mighty V-4 Panigale. The Ducati is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. This is the first year Ducati has campaigned the V-4 in WSBK. – For many years they dominated with their V- Twin. – Most of the factory riders are having a difficult time adjusting. 

    For many years Ducati has used and developed the V-4 in MotoGP. Alvaro Bautista has ridden the V-4 with minimal success in MotoGP. This year however he won the first 12 races in a row. And again, this could not happen to a nicer person. Lap times will be around 1 minuet and high 20 seconds. There will be a lot of passing. There are many places where passing will happen. 

    The Yamaha team is coming together. The track is well suited for V-4 Aprilia.  There will be 3, count them 3 races. 1 on Saturday. And the 2 on Sunday. The first race on Sunday is called the super pole race. It will be 10 laps. For the super pole race the softest and fastest tires in the world will be used. This makes an extraordinary difference. Super pole tires only last for about 8 laps. They are the absolute best tires ever. Until they are not. When they wear out they become slippery like ice. This does not slow all of the racers down. The super pole race is oft times referred to as a sprint race. An all-out 10 lap dash. 

    MOTO AMERICA is the domestic class of world class racing. Founded in part by the world Champion and all around nice guy Mr. Wayne Rainey. At any given time all weekend long there will be bikes going as fast as they can around our track. 

    Marge Ann will be at her Paddock kiosk. Go by and say hello. See you there. GO TO THIS RACE! PLEASE SUPPORT LAGUNA SECA – KEEP LAGUNA SECA LOCAL! 

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