• You Thought the Tunnel Work Was Bad?

    But what an improvement!

    Street maintenance and repairs, funded by the Measure P one-cent increase in the sales tax, are under way in the City of Monterey. Between now and June 20, crews will be working on road sections in many neighborhoods. Project updates, maps, and schedules are available on the web at monterey.org/fixingstreets.

    Spot repairs to remove and replace badly damaged pavement are being made this week. This work will prepare the streets for the final surface treatment.

     From June 10-19, slurry seal will be applied to streets in the neighborhoods and will impact some major roads, including David Avenue from Divisadero to Grace, Prescott Street from Divisadero to Taylor, Foam Street from Lighthouse to Cannery Row, and Munras from Soledad to Alameda. A slurry seal is a thin maintenance treatment consisting of a mixture of asphalt emulsions, graded aggregates, mineral fillers, water and other additives.  

    Anyone living, working or commuting in an area scheduled for street improvements may be affected in the following ways:
    ·        On-street parking may be restricted
    ·        Streets may be closed and detours may be in place
    ·        Sidewalks at intersections may be closed

    Road work in a neighborhood could stop between the first phase of spot repairs to distressed streets and the second phase of slurry/paving work.

    Lists of streets getting spot repairs (Dig-outs Schedule) and slurry seal work (Slurry Seal Street Schedule) are attached and available at monterey.org/fixingstreets. All street work is dependent on weather conditions and temperatures, and schedules may shift as a result.

    This initial round of street repairs and maintenance is the start of a four-year program of street improvements funded by Measure P. Streets slated for work that are not on the attached lists will be scheduled in the months and years to come.

    Up-to-date information is available at monterey.org/fixingstreets.

     Citizens with questions can call 646-3448.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 30, 2015

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